Agora to host engaged journalism workshops

To broaden the impact of the emerging community of engaged journalism practitioners, the Agora Journalism Center will be hosting engagement workshops across the United States with the support of a $100,000 grant from the Democracy Fund.

The Continuum of Engagement

The question we often forget to ask ourselves is: How can we motivate more journalists (and journalism students) to put the community at the center of their work, be better listeners, and understand more precisely the needs of the public? Until we can think of the public not just as “audiences” and “consumers,” but also as experts and partners in the communities we aim to serve, we shouldn’t expect to receive the public’s complete trust.

Engaging News Project comes to SOJC’s Agora Journalism Center

Center for Media Engagement, formerly known as The Engaging News Project, strives to find ways that the U.S. news media can more effectively empower the public to “understand, appreciate and participate in the democratic exchange of ideas” by testing web-based strategies for informing audiences, promoting discourse, helping people to understand diverse views and analyzing business outcomes.

Special Series: Redefining Engagement

The series was inspired by Experience Engagement, a four-day participatory “un-conference” hosted by Journalism That Matters and the Agora Journalism Center. Over the next two weeks, this series will explore the progress, promise and potential challenges of community engagement in journalism.