5 ways SOJC faculty research has changed journalism

Faculty members in the school’s Agora Journalism Center have conducted innovative research projects on topics ranging from artificial intelligence to coverage of mass shootings. Their research has led UO faculty members and students, as well as professionals in the field, to better understand how journalists can best serve a changing world.

SOJC offers 5 community engagement tips for journalists

According to the tenets of civic engagement, those who live in a community are best qualified to identify its problems and most invested in finding solutions. To start regaining the public’s waning trust in the media and improve the relevance and accuracy of the news, journalists are beginning to ask community members what they should cover and how they should cover it.

Professor sees a rebirth of journalism using new approaches

Quality journalism is experiencing a boon as a result of the election and first months of the Trump administration, said Regina Lawrence, executive director of the UO’s Agora Journalism Center and George S. Turnbull Portland Center and a scholar on the role of the media in politics and campaigns.