Community Perspectives on Rogue Valley’s Information Ecosystem

Professor DeVigal’s Engaged Journalism class conducted a study to survey the Rogue Valley’s information ecosystem and its residents’ information needs and assets. This report aims to summarize the study findings and provide recommendations to address the gap in the existing information landscape.

The Ethics of Engaged Journalism

Agora’s inaugural director Mike Fancher argues that engaged journalism involves the public as true partners, enabling journalism to become complete, more accurate, more trusted, and more meaningful.

SOJC offers 5 community engagement tips for journalists

According to the tenets of civic engagement, those who live in a community are best qualified to identify its problems and most invested in finding solutions. To start regaining the public’s waning trust in the media and improve the relevance and accuracy of the news, journalists are beginning to ask community members what they should cover and how they should cover it.

Finding Common Ground

Finding Common Ground aimed to achieve cross-border collaboration with engagement practitioners in the media by supporting projects that get people to look up from their devices, meet people with different opinions, listen, and engage in meaningful and civil dialogue across silos and polarized positions.

Engaged Journalism Workshops: What We Did and What We Learned

We hosted three workshops in the fall and winter of 2017-2018 to explore and expand engaged journalism initiatives in three communities around the country. This report summarizes what we set out to accomplish and what we and the participants learned during that