Gather will offer a platform to explore questions around community engagement

The Agora Journalism Center at the School of Journalism and Communication (SOJC) at the University of Oregon is launching a digital community that the launch team hopes will serve as a space for anyone interested in questions around how to make “journalism more responsive to the public’s needs, more representative of the public’s diversity, and more inclusive of the public’s voices.”

My View: Media must adapt, engage in Trump era

This will not be the cozy, formulaic relationship between the media and the president evident in some past administrations. Trump’s entire campaign challenged virtually every working assumption about how candidates should behave and how the media should cover them. Many journalists are critically reflecting on their own performance during the 2016 election and wondering how they should cover the 45th president.

Special Series: Redefining Engagement

The series was inspired by Experience Engagement, a four-day participatory “un-conference” hosted by Journalism That Matters and the Agora Journalism Center. Over the next two weeks, this series will explore the progress, promise and potential challenges of community engagement in journalism.