Agora Journalism Center offers grants for engagement projects

The Agora Journalism Center at the University of Oregon, with support from Robert Bosch Stiftung and News Integrity Initiative, has launched the project “Engaging communities: reflecting on the work of engaged journalism.” News media organizations in Europe and North America can apply for grants to fund engagement activities.

SOJC offers 5 community engagement tips for journalists

According to the tenets of civic engagement, those who live in a community are best qualified to identify its problems and most invested in finding solutions. To start regaining the public’s waning trust in the media and improve the relevance and accuracy of the news, journalists are beginning to ask community members what they should cover and how they should cover it.

Rattled: Oregon’s Concussion Discussion is a joint project

Rattled: Oregon’s Concussion Discussion is a joint project of InvestigateWest, Pamplin Media Group and the Agora Journalism Center, made possible in part by grants from Meyer Memorial Trust and the Center for Cooperative Media.

Studying Emerging Engagement

How do we know that audience engagement works? And how do we define success in the first place? Thomas R. Schmidt takes on these questions.