Welcome to Agora

The Agora Journalism Center is newly focused on strengthening the local information landscape through fostering and nurturing community-centered journalism. Our four pillars are:

  • Building a collaborative, sustained laboratory for improving the local information ecosystem in Portland and Oregon
  • Creating and sharing research, case studies, tool kits and insights to disseminate across the news industry and throughout the nation
  • Pioneering a rigorous, ongoing assessment of the health of information ecosystems in Oregon
  • Developing curriculum focused on how media can innovate to regain relevance and purpose through community-centered journalism

As a program of the University of Oregon’s School of Journalism & Communication since 2015, we learn and engage primarily with our home region in the Pacific Northwest, but share and collaborate with the wider world through research, publications, digital platforms, and live events.

Let’s create healthy local information ecosystems together
Learn how we hope to engage with you, and please take a survey on the following linked pages so we can start on the right foot: