Community Organizations & Voices

Agora Journalism Center aspires to be a bridge-builder and facilitator of conversations and collaborations across different sectors of our region’s news and storytelling community, in order to build a media ecosystem more responsive to the public’s needs and more inclusive of the public’s voices and diversity.

The Storytelling Network

How might we…

  • Support your ideas and initiatives to strengthen the information and storytelling infrastructure in your community? 
  • Support you as you assess and document the stories and information needs of your community?
  • Amplify work you are seeing that is creating a more vibrant local information ecosystem? 
  • Facilitate connections with media and other civic organizations who care about local information and civic health?

Do any of these bullets intrigue you or sparks a collaborative idea? If you share our passion for strengthening the civic and information health of our communities, we’d love to get to know you. Please fill out the following questionnaire:

Illustration by Latoya Lovely.